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System Notification (Updated January 25, 2018): On January 24, 2018, we performed a critical infrastructure upgrade to the Fieldprint Platform. This upgrade included migrating the Fieldprint Platform to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for improved stability, performance and management. This very important infrastructure upgrade was part of the overall Fieldprint Platform roadmap leading to implementation of Version 3.0 later this year. The upgrade has been completed and the Fieldprint Calculator and services offered by Field to Market's Qualified Data Management Partners through the Fieldprint API have been restored. If you have encounter and problems or have questions or concerns, please email Paul Hishmeh, Data and Technology Director, at

Welcome to the Fieldprint Calculator.

Sign in here to access this free and confidential tool, which has been developed for corn, cotton, rice, wheat, potatoes and soybean growers to better understand and communicate how management choices affect overall sustainability performance and operational efficiency.

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Release Notes:

On January 25, 2018, we moved the Fieldprint Calculator to Amazon Web Services. This update does not impact functionality of the Calculator.